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Discovering Through Partnership
The ultimate destination for entrepreneurship in Northeast India
Infrastructure facilities

GBPIC would provide equipped laboratory space to the companies to translate their research ideas into commercialisable technologies without risking huge investments on buildings and equipments.

The following areas are identified as thrust areas for the Incubation Centre -


The Park will bring together infrastructural facilities from diverse categories of biotechnology, chemical sciences, pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics and technology support services and will include

  • Approximately 20,000 sq ft of lab space
  • Ready-to-use modular wet laboratories, fully furnished and with core and shell utilities (Modular lab)
  • Developed space to create custom-built research centers, pilot plants etc.
  • Business and administrative support
  • Conferences and training workshops support (conference room)(Charges for Conference Hall Use)
  • Library and Information Management
  • Library subscribing to latest international journals

Activities for prospective tenants to be supported by GBPIC include:

  • Research, product development, prototype testing and consulting, along with the offices, laboratories or other facilities that support these activities;
  • Production or assembly of prototypes and pilot facilities that are related to on-site research and development activities or the testing of production processes located elsewhere; and
  • Provision of research-related services that support research programs within the GBP.

A very high quality analytical testing and certification laboratory is being set up to meet the needs of the entrepreneurs. The Central Analytical Instrumentation Facility will be managed by the GBP Society to provide sample analysis and training services to users both within and out side the park. 

List of Instruments/Equipments currently available at GBPIC:





Agilent 6410 Triple Quad MS-MS

2. GC MS

PerkinElmer Clarus680 GC/600C MS 

3. CHNS Elemental Analyzer

Eurovector EA3000

4. Mass Directed auto-purification system

Agilent 1200 Series

5. UV Spectrophotometer

Analytik Jena, Model: Specord 210 BU Plus

6. IR Spectrophotometer

Thermo Fisher Thermo Nicolet iS10

7. Speed Vac (Vacuum Concentrator)

Eppendorf Concentrator Plus

8. Ultracentrifuge

Beckman Coulter L100K

9. Digital Polarimeter


10. Digital pH Meter

Mettler five easy TM PH Meter

11. Sonicator

Sonics VCX-500 Sonicator Vibra Cell Ultrasonic Processor

12. High Precision Electronic Balance (5 Digit)

Sartorius Semi-Micro Model:CPA225D

13. Millipore water filtration system

Millipore Ultrapure water Purification system- Millipore Elix Avance

14. Rotavapour (5L) with Pump & Chiller

Buchi R-215V (Rotavapor); JeioTech-6106M (Chiller)

15. Rotavapour (20L) with Pump & Chiller

Heidolph Lebrota 20(Rotavapor); Polyscience 6100M (Chiller)

16. Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate

IKA Magnetic stirrer with Hot plate, CMAG HS7

17. Microcentrifuge (Non Refrigerated)

Eppendorf  Minispin Micro centrifuge

18. Flourescence spectrophotometer

Agilent (Varian) Cary Eclipse

19. Microcentrifuge (Refrigerated)

Eppendorf Model: 5424R

20. High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Hermle High Speed Table Top Refrigerated Centrifuge Model: Z 326K

21. Continuos Flow Centrifuge 

Hitachi High Speed Continuous Flow Centrifuge Floor Model CR 22G III

22.BOD Incubator 

Scigenics-ORBITEK BOD-350L

23. CO2 Incubator

Thermo Scientific Forma series-II Water jacketed CO2 Incubator

24. Biosafety Cabinet

Thermo Scientific 1300 series Class II Water Type A2 Biosafety cabinet

25. Gel Dryer

Hoefer GD2002 Vacuum Gel Dryer

26. Horizontal Mini and Max Sub-Marine Electrophoresis Unit

Hoefer HE33 mini submarine unit & HE 99X Max submarine unit

27. Electroporator

Eppendorf Eporator

28. PCR

Agilent SURECYCLER 8800 

29. Incubator/Environmental Shaker


30. Hybridization Oven/Shaker

Scigenics -ORBITEK- HiBi-2D

31. Autoclave (Vertical)


32. Vortex

IKA Vortex Genious 3

33. Slot-Blot Apparatus

Bio-Rad Bio Dot SF

34. Rotary High Vacuum Pump


35. Ice Flaking Machine

Simag SPR-80 Ice Flaking Machine

36.Bench Fume Hood and Walk-In Fume Hoods


37.Laminar Air Flow


38. Deep Freezer (-40o C)

Haier Make/DW-40L508

39. Deep Freezer (-86o C)

Haier Make/DW-86L728

40. Stereo zoom Microscope

Carl Zeiss/Discovery V 20 with motorized zoom

41. Gel Documentation System

Syngene/GBOX F3

42. Hot Air Oven


43. Water Bath Shaker



CAMAG /Camag Lino Mat5

45. Lyophilizer

LABCONCO/FreeZone Freeze Dry System (-50DC)

46. HPLC ( Analytical) & HPLC (Preparative)

Agilent/1260 Infinity (Anal) & Agilent/1260 Infinity (Prep)

47. High Precession Electronic Balance (6 digit)

A&D Company(Japan) /BM-22

48. Heating Mantle (500mL, 1LX2, 2L)


49. Glass Distillation Unit


50. SS Water Bath (10L & 20 L)


51. Hot air oven with built in blower fan & digital control

Thermo Scientific/Heratherm-51028153

52. Hot air oven


53. Horizontal Autoclave


54. Confocal Microscope

Leica/TCS SP8

55. Fluorescence Microscope

Carl Zeiss/AxioObserver Z1

56.Ion Exchange & Fixed Gel Chromatography Unit

GE Healthcare Bio-sciences/BPG columns200/500, 140/950, 140/500

57. Pass box

ELS Instrument/SS Passbox (Static)

58. Microwave Oven


59. Refrigerator 400L


60. Ice Flaker

Biobase/IME 100(FIM100)

61. Shaker

G-Bioscience/Benchtop Shaker-BT-GS-20

62. Weighing Balance (Readability:1g, Capacity:6 kg)


63.Electronic Balance (4 digit, Readability:0.1mg, Max.Capacity:220 g)

Mettler Toledo/ME-204

64. Mechanical Platform Balance 500 Kg


65. Digital Platform Balance 200 Kg


66. Stirrer Pilot Scale

Heidolf/MR Hei-End

67. BOD Incubator



GEA Mechanical Equipment/ High Pressure Homogenizer/PandaPLUS200

69. Fermentor 5L

Major Science/WINPACT FS-01-A05P-220 double Jacketed



























































For details please contact the Scientific Team.

N.B.    All payments may be made by cash or by Demand Draft drawn in favor of " Guwahati Biotech Park Incubation Centre " payable at Guwahati.





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